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plant-based dresses $299. 00 and up!

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Jadestorm's Organic, plant-based Mens's Dress Shirts 199. 00 and up!

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SWIYYAH - organic indigo men dress shirt, dress

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Custom order Jadestorm's Organic, plant-based dresses $299. 00 and up!

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Jadestorm's Organic, plant-based Junpsuits $199. 00 and up!

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SWIYYAH, organic hemp indigo pant, plant-based

Apparel Design

Whether you’d like to save your conventional clothing an receive alterations services or allow us to recreate your entire closet with the SWIYYAH™ Collection, sustainable plant-based fashions, our eco-fashion designer can create it for ready-to-wear, you’ll enjoy wearing organic clothing, healthy, non-toxic garments that gets noticed. We hand make everything – from designing all natural textiles from natural plant to plant-dyed fashion.​

Jadestorm's Organic FACE MASK

$150 per face mask

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Clinical research shows wearing organic's protects the skin, eliminates exposure to toxic harmful dyes and 8000 chemicals in clothing that may cause atopic dermatitis and other harmful substances to your body. 

*READ what the National Institute of Health and it's clinical researchers has to say about #fastfashion

conventional clothing.

Use of textiles in atopic dermatitis: care of atopic dermatitis - PubMed (nih.gov)

Chemicals from textiles to skin: an in vitro permeation study of benzothiazole (nih.gov)

My clients will all agree on one thing. I am helping them feel good about reducing their carbon footprint in the fashion industry. We all are saving the environment, the climate and lives by not choosing to wear harmful garments with toxic chemicals that are known to cause Cancer.

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